Version history



    • Adding categories to the spare parts (if the category does not exist, so it is possible to create a new category)
    • Adding to the data sheet of the spare parts column categories
    • Adding manufacturers to spare parts
    • Adding a variable variables to spare parts
    • Extended API for the display of categories in the list of spare parts
    • Extended API for display manufacturers, category, and variable variables in detail spare part
    • Fix the URL for viskozní curve
    • Fix the script during the creation of QR codes from a file
    • Update script for scrolling within the history
    • Adding the API key for companies that have this option enabled
    • Add API keys for the company, the option to enable or disable other than defaulní keys for foreign companies
    • Check the API of the generated keys via the API interface (option to enable businesses to log into the application through the API)


    • Added import of types of products from a CSV file
    • After hovering with the mouse cursor on the list of products is displayed a preview image of the product / type of product / spare part
    • After najeti mouse cursor added the preview to the order and to the entire system in under the sheets
    • The addition of the fixation of the header, for better orientation in the application
    • Fix sort QR codes in the list, does not display the slider on the scroll
    • Fix the speed of the search in the database during the creation of spare parts
    • Adding photos after you hover your mouse over the list of service and quick queries
    • The reduction of the limit loading of the page when you restore the answers to questions and service
    • The extension information display the whole screen


    • Fix sending e-mail through the system
    • Fix view service the type of product
    • Adding FAQ's to product detail
    • Adding a FAQ to the API, so to set a good FAQ questions to add to the mobile app
    • Fix display issues in the manual


    • Added automatic translation of the untranslated parts into all languages
    • Added documentation to the API


    • Adding the possibility of activation of a compiler for superadministratory
    • Add a button to transition to the compilers of the texts
    • Fix loading of file and identification of the correct endings of the file
    • Correction of the reference to the API server during query for stolen products


    • Editing saved HTML file, the fix errors when scanning the file
    • Fix the detection of the endings of the file when recording


    • Fix display of the translations in the mobile app
    • Fix the display of icons the user in the mobile app
    • In a mobile application customized regular service, so in order to give a step forward
    • Fix loading of data for control of the stolen products


    • Adding tests to the server
    • Adding version control history
    • Adding an automatic translators of texts on the page
    • Adding a control to the input of the same translation in the system
    • Adding scrolling in a compiler system, make it more efficient browsing jendotlivých items
    • Automatic translation missing translations in the selected language