Version history


  • Oprava poslání hesla při zapomenutém heslu, již se neposílá nikdy prázdné heslo
  • Přidán export marketingových údajů o majitelích produktů (pouze pro výrobce/prodejce/distributory)
  • Oprava drobných chyb při změně listu produktů



    • Upraveny popisy servisních e-mailů, tak aby byly snáze rozpoznatelné
    • Přidání listu tlačítek do vrchní části, tak aby se tlačítka neschovávala do seznamu a byla přímo dostupná
    • Úprava servisního protokolu, tak aby byl škálovatelný dle velikosti počtu odpovědí na řešení


    • Oprava vkládání tagu (u některých případů vkládal již existující tagy)
    • Sloučení tagů do jednoho (pokud tag znamená to stejné)
    • Opravy drobných chyb


    • Fix sharing of our manual within the administration interface
    • Fix display of empty items within the product detail
    • Adding restrictions on the display of companies for Bike protect


    • Modified the transfer of products within the system. Already, there should be a handover of the product immediately without any delay
    • Users who have rented the product, so they can in within the car write data to the administration interface at will
    • Fix the transfer of product within the administration interface and mobile app
    • Fix display of the product, which was in the transition of the transfer (for some products to avoid display in the application due to the wrong set of rights)
    • Fix zobrayení information about the status in product detail


    • Adding to the demands for spare parts address information
    • Add to users the ability to add and address


    • Adding a new language to Japanese in the app
    • Fix list for regular service
    • Fix language of French for the selection of the date
    • Fix list for extraordinary service and fast queries
    • Adding a search within the connection of the manual and the product


    • Fix the url for servisniho protocol
    • Edit the email to show pictures in received e-mails
    • Adding the missing variables to the e-mail
    • Correction of wrong designation of the greying of spare parts in the product detail


    • The addition of the greying parts of the API, the mobile app is now showing which parts are completed and which not
    • The extension API documentation for detail product information to we put that open parts
    • Fix display of the photo fading for a group of products
    • Adding options to edit categories for spare parts (the possibility of a change of name, merging of categories and the deletion of the unused categories)
    • Remaking the view of the owners on the page of the owners in detail of the product
    • Adding the display of the person responsible for the transfer of products to the new owner


    • Removing the unnecessary function in the creation of new spare parts
    • The addition of the greying of the parts that are not filled in the detail of the product (if it does not contain data, then the tab will turn gray)


    • Editing displaying photos within the mobile app (adjustment API sorting photos)
    • Adding photos to a product detail for the mobile app
    • Editing displaying photos within the page control, to swap the order of the photos
    • Magnification for the images stored on the double (the maximum is 2000x2000px)


    • Added previews for spare parts even when the photos are inserted into the description of the replacement part and not directly to the files as specified
    • Fix the creation of service protocols in service, which did not have a completion date is putting a bug in the display
    • Fix otevirani premium buzz in the mobile app
    • Adding a clickthrough in the history of the right to a specific service question if it is awarded. The system automatically detects the url of the questions/service
    • Extension API for information about the service issue in the history of the product
    • Added-click on the service for notifications
    • The API added information to expanding the notification sheets of the new arguments, which inform about a specific issue/service for which the notification


    • In the admin interface, added the ability, when it comes to transfer products group-even within the superadmina
    • In the administration interface added option to only add the owner, the old owner is still current, only with the added service company
    • Fixed header in an e-mail at the processing demand on the replacement part
    • Fix import PDF into manuals
    • Repair of quick questions, when you reply to a quick query in the API for the former owner of the API returned an error
    • Modified the script to check if the user has visited already service question or not, the script modified due to an exception, which exhibited a bug which resulted in incorrectly returned informacce to the API
    • The API item added, which specifies that the chapter requires a figure for the dispatch and successful completion of the step in the step manual
    • Added features carry checks if the given step has been uploaded photos or not, if a photo is required, so will not allow user to proceed further in the next step of the regular step service


    • Fix the formatting of the e-mail in plain text
    • Adding the export companies to a csv file
    • Fixed inserting and editing type of product (I couldn't correctly enter values with quotation marks)
    • Adding a measurement of distance to service points in the API (measure the distance from my innermost after the farthest service point)
    • The service points are designated service points, which were also the owners of the product in the certificate of ownership
    • When creating a reservation service it is possible to enter the service where we want to be service carried out
    • In the list of reservations were added to the informacce about the company, where reservation is done
    • In the administration interface was modified filtration service according to assignment (already jensou see the reservation to all owners, but only to competent companies)
    • In the administration part has been modified detail of the reservation, so that there is to see and the place where rezervvace held
    • in the framework of the API and documentation added for the creation of the product through the mobile app to edit your


    • Optimization scripts for loading sheets of products and orders through the API
    • Fix the script to store images in memory for order
    • Adjustment of the imaging sheets of the products, so that they will load much faster
    • Optimization of the loading notification to the API and in the framework of the administration interface
    • Fix sending e-mail (for service system neodesílal e-mail)
    • Adjustment of the length of the guarantee on 1. year, 2. years, etc. in the product type
    • Added the possibility of ordering of extended warranty over the product type (paste the url address on the ordering guarantees)
    • Insert the button into the API on the extended warranty (displays the month after the first purchase)
    • Extensions to the API documentation of the product about the warranty parameters


    • Fix sending e-mails (editing the e-mail, so as to match the standards)
    • In the admin interface added in the detail user view notifications, he goes
    • When editing or creating a new user through the administration interface it is possible to choose which notifications the user will receive
    • Dissemination of information about notifications in the API and documentation
    • The ability to change the settings of all notifications through the API interface in the mobile phone
    • In the administration interface is now allowed to change the product type for the already created product (without having to change requests from the system administrator)
    • Added to the API list address and the list of countries
    • When creating a new product through the API it is possible to use already existing addresses that have already been entered
    • In the framework of the API interface added option to change the type of ownership in the creation of a new product. Plus inserted list of all types of ownership in the API.
    • Inserted into the administration interface of the option, when upon delivery of the product it is possible to insert mezifirmu (e.g., service branch) through which the goods were handed over to the
    • The API added option when forwarding the product to pass the whole group at once or hand over the business to mezimajiteli (e.g., service branch) through which the goods were handed over to the
    • The creation of the consent to the sending of marketing messages to users
    • Adding editing marketing messages to the administration interface and the API
    • Adding the option to unsubscribe to marketing messages through a link in an e-mail
    • Add a button on the import of spare parts right behind the company that the user didn't have to scroll down the page
    • Fix the speed of loading pages within the admin interface
    • Add the loading of multiple files at once (multiupload images and files in the administration interface)
    • Fix display of the dynamic label when entering invoices


    • Fix thumbnail view in the web application (script automatically removes inappropriate characters)
    • Add information about the fact that a quick query/service was read, and which not yet
    • Add information about who has already read a post within the service/fast query and who is not
    • To add information to the API for reading and the findings of the who have the question read
    • In the framework of the implementation system to all the necessary parts, so that the system automatically followed, which questions or service have already been addressed or not
    • Dissemination of information about read in the API documentation
    • Added sorting of quick queries and service according to the last modification (the user sees the first ones that were updated the last time and has a faster overview of which services has to be addressed first)
    • Fix display of service issues in the api (at the same date in certain conditions display only some services and others were in the mobile app hidden)
    • Adding a list of all the quick queries and service to the API (it Will be possible to switch to a service without a specific selected product, the adjustment is primarily intended for service technicians)
    • Adjustment API documentation for the list of quick queries and service centres
    • The API photos have been added of the product to the fast queries and service (including the extension API documentation)
    • Fix display of images in detail API (fixed autocompletion of URLS of images)


    • Adding photos to the list in the API (in the leaves will be possible to display the thumbnails of each product)
    • Extension API for photos in the leaves (products and orders)
    • Adds the possibility of extending the import in the framework of the spare parts
    • Under the advanced import duplicate checking
    • Under the advanced import advanced way of creating alternatives
    • Under the advanced importing an embedded model document, which is used for the creation of alternatives
    • Alternatives spare parts are formed automatically according to the specified data over all the databases in the server every 30 minutes


    • Adding categories to the spare parts (if the category does not exist, so it is possible to create a new category)
    • Adding to the data sheet of the spare parts column categories
    • Adding manufacturers to spare parts
    • Adding a variable variables to spare parts
    • Extended API for the display of categories in the list of spare parts
    • Extended API for display manufacturers, category, and variable variables in detail spare part
    • Fix the URL for viskozní curve
    • Fix the script during the creation of QR codes from a file
    • Update script for scrolling within the history
    • Adding the API key for companies that have this option enabled
    • Add API keys for the company, the option to enable or disable other than defaulní keys for foreign companies
    • Check the API of the generated keys via the API interface (option to enable businesses to log into the application through the API)


    • Added import of types of products from a CSV file
    • After hovering with the mouse cursor on the list of products is displayed a preview image of the product / type of product / spare part
    • After najeti mouse cursor added the preview to the order and to the entire system in under the sheets
    • The addition of the fixation of the header, for better orientation in the application
    • Fix sort QR codes in the list, does not display the slider on the scroll
    • Fix the speed of the search in the database during the creation of spare parts
    • Adding photos after you hover your mouse over the list of service and quick queries
    • The reduction of the limit loading of the page when you restore the answers to questions and service
    • The extension information display the whole screen


    • Fix sending e-mail through the system
    • Fix view service the type of product
    • Adding FAQ's to product detail
    • Adding a FAQ to the API, so to set a good FAQ questions to add to the mobile app
    • Fix display issues in the manual


    • Added automatic translation of the untranslated parts into all languages
    • Added documentation to the API


    • Adding the possibility of activation of a compiler for superadministratory
    • Add a button to transition to the compilers of the texts
    • Fix loading of file and identification of the correct endings of the file
    • Correction of the reference to the API server during query for stolen products


    • Editing saved HTML file, the fix errors when scanning the file
    • Fix the detection of the endings of the file when recording


    • Fix display of the translations in the mobile app
    • Fix the display of icons the user in the mobile app
    • In a mobile application customized regular service, so in order to give a step forward
    • Fix loading of data for control of the stolen products


    • Adding tests to the server
    • Adding version control history
    • Adding an automatic translators of texts on the page
    • Adding a control to the input of the same translation in the system
    • Adding scrolling in a compiler system, make it more efficient browsing jendotlivých items
    • Automatic translation missing translations in the selected language